Each day’s stage has its own unique terrain and character to keep things interesting with a mix of fast flowing single trail, farm track, groomed downhill trails and fire trails – many through private land that can only be ridden while racing the Reef to Reef. 

Course Overview

Stage 1

START & FINISH: Smithfield MTB Park


Seems like as good a place to start as any…

A rainforest ride in the tracks of champions at the iconic Smithfield MTB park - host of the 2017 MTB Worlds. If variety is the spice of life then think of this as the Sichuan pepper of Aussie MTB trails. Our special selection of well-groomed and much-loved trails will give 4-day riders a nice little intro into what’s to come over the following 3 days.

Smithfield MTB Park is located just 20 minutes’ drive north of Cairns Airport.

rider jump hero

Stage 2

Start & Finish:  Davies Creek MTB Park

Distance:   50km

All the single trailers, all the single trailers…

Davies Creek is just 45 minutes out of Cairns, and if you like it fast and flowy, then start frothing. Hard-packed single trail sections wind through scrubby bushland and granite-lined gullies. We’ll throw in a couple of short, punchy climbs – but your reward will be free entry into one of the best natural plunge pools around.

Davies Creek is located just 45 minutes out of Cairns. 

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Stage 3

Start & Finish: Mount Molloy

Distance: 60km

One will be mostly amused…

Every bike race has its Queen stage, and stage 3’s tropical trek through not one, but two national parks was the obvious choice. A good mix of trails, and just enough of a challenge to let you know you’re not on your normal Saturday social spin. Trust us when we tell you that any breath you do have left during this stage will be taken away by epic views and stunning scenery.

Located a 1 hour drive from Cairns or 45 minutes from Port Douglas.

rider group rural dirt

Stage 4

Start: Wetherby Station (Mount Molloy)

Finish: Port Douglas 

Distance: 55km

One bump or two?

Day four is all about that finish line feeling, but getting to the beach at Port Douglas takes you across and down some of the coolest trails you’ll ever ride. Cattle country gives way to a final blast through the rainforest.

Then it’s down, down, down the famous bump track. The last hard packed sandy stretch will live long in your memory … if your mind hasn’t already wandered to the frothy ale awaiting you at the finish line.  


All courses are subject to change up until race morning briefing.

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