Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy

Riders confirmed in the race who wish to withdraw, must do so in writing to the race office via email at reeftoreef@ironman.com

It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure the race office has received any communication. All requests will be responded to. If you do not receive a response from the race office within 7 days of request, it should be assumed that it has not been received and you should contact us by phone on 1300 761 384.

Upon confirmation of this request, riders may be eligible for a partial refund of their entry fee (details below):

  • Any refund requests received before 5.00pm – Friday 14th June, 2019 will be eligible for a 50% refund of event entry fee paid.
  • Any refund requests received before 5.00pm – Friday 12th July, 2019 will be eligible for a 25% refund of event entry fee paid.
  • Any refund requests received before 5.00pm – Friday 26th July, 2019 will not be eligible for a refund under any circumstances, but can defer their entry to Reef to Reef 2020.
  • Any refund requests received after 5.00pm – Friday 26th July, 2019 will not be eligible for a refund or transfer of entry under any circumstances.

Any additional purchases including but not limited to; ACTIVE Fees paid at the time of entry are non-refundable at any time.

Deferral Option

  • Riders confirmed in Reef to Reef 2019 are able to defer their race entry to Reef to Reef 2020.
  • Transfer requests out of 2019 Reef to Reef can be made up until 5:00pm on 26th July, 2019.
  • No transfer requests will be accepted after this date.

Note: Once a transfer has been completed the option to receive any retrospective refund or make further transfers is no longer available.

Riders confirmed in the race who wish to transfer to 2020, must do so in writing to the race office via email at reeftoreef@ironman.com

It is the riders’ responsibility to ensure the race office has received any communication. All requests will be responded to. If you do not receive a response from the race office within 7 days of request, it should be assumed that it has not been received and you should contact us by phone on 1300 761 384.

Conditions of Participation

The Reef to Reef is open to mountain bikers from around the world. Entrants must be 18 years of age as at Day 1 of the race. All riders are required to sign a waiver form when entering.

Please note that riders under the age of 18 are welcome to register and compete in the Reef to Reef, but are required to complete have an adult complete their waiver.

The Waiver is a compulsory part of registration and needs to be approved with parent/guardian signature. Minors are also required to ride in the event with an approved adult.


Mountain Bike Australia Membership

To be eligible to race every rider is required to hold a valid race membership with Mountain Bike Australia, either a Mountain Bike Australia existing member Race Membership or an event Race Licence.

Race Membership: You must hold a valid race membership to Mountain Bike Australia for the current season. You will need to enter your membership number at registration.

Race Licence: If you don’t hold a valid annual registration with Mountain Bike Australia you will be required to purchase at time of entry.

*Ensure you bring your annual membership card to rider check in, if you are unable to produce this you will be required to purchase a race licence before you can ride.

Recommended Gear

  • Your bike! Checked and running soundly
  • Sturdy, closed in shoes
    Riding clothes, and optional gloves
  • Mobile phone
  • Camelback / water bottle for hydration
  • Bike pump, either on you or in your car
  • Spare tubes and puncture kit, either on you or in your car
  • Bike multi-tool

Ride Rules

The following Reef to Reef ride rules may be updated and amended at the discretion of the Race Director up to the start of the race.

  • Failure to comply with any of the rules may result in a penalty, which could include a rider’s disqualification in certain circumstances. The various categories of penalties are set out below.
  • The interpretation of any rule by the Race Director will be final and binding on all race participants.


  • Participants competing in the event must be a minimum of 15 years old on day one, the first stage of the race.


  • It is the riders’ responsibility to ensure that they are in good health and well prepared.
  • Race management reserve the right to remove a rider from continuing the race on receipt of medical advice from an official race Doctor or any other medical doctor recognised by the race organisers. The decision of the race organisers in this matter will be final.


  • Only mountain bikes in good working order and race ready at the start of each stage will be allowed to start that stage. “Race ready” means the following:
    • Race front number board is securely fitted and visible from the front;
    • The frame marking is displayed as per instructions received at registration;
    • The bike is in safe working order, as determined in the discretion of the Race Director;
    • Handlebar ends and handlebar extensions shall be plugged and must not have sharp or jagged edges.
  • The use of tribars and bladed wheels is not allowed.
  • Bicycles may be propelled only through a chainset and by the rider’s leg action, without any form of assistance (electrical or otherwise)
  • Tandem bikes are not allowed.
  • Each rider is responsible for the maintenance of his/her own bike for the duration of the race. Limited mechanical support is available at the race village.
  • In all cases of maintenance and repair, riders are required to complete the full distance of the stage and must complete the stage within the maximum time. Time spent on maintenance and repair will not entitle a rider to any extension of the maximum stage time.

Helmets and Clothing

  • Helmets – all riders must wear an Australian Standard approved helmet that is on good condition and well maintained.
  • Appropriate riding attire, including a shirt, must be worn at all times.

Rider Identification

  • Riders must display their race numbers at all times.
  • Bike numbers must remain firmly fixed on the front of the bike, and may not be obscured by cables or any other item.
  • Back numbers must be attached to the rider at all times in a visible position either on the rider’s jersey or on the back of his/her hydration pack. A Rider will not be penalised if his/her number is obscured while wearing a rain jacket.
  • Race numbers may not be modified or mutilated in any way, including cutting, adding stickers, removing existing stickers or trimming.

Stage Starts

  • The start chute opens 45 minutes before the start of each stage, unless communicated otherwise.
  • Differential start zones will be allocated according to overall ranking in the race, and the organisers may allocate different (i.e. “staggered”) start times for each starting zone. Should staggered start times be allocated, any reference to start times in these rules will be to the start time applicable to the particular rider’s start zone.
  • The seeded starting zones will close strictly 10 minutes before their start time.
  • Riders must enter the start zone as a team with their bikes, and once entered must remain in the start zone with their bikes.

Routes and Stages

  • Riders must complete the full designated route and distance of their respective races prologue.
  • Only riders who complete each of the stages within the maximum stage time will qualify as official race finishers.
  • The actual race distance or route may vary from the published or briefed distance.
  • A rider must at all times follow the official route, obey the directions of the course marshals, and may not take any shortcuts or take any other advantage of a similar nature against competitors. The responsibility for following the official route lies with each rider.
  • Riders who exit the route for any reason must return to the course at the same point from which they exited.
  • No rider shall trespass at any time of the year on land which is not open to the public for mountain biking and which forms part of the race route

Prohibited Equipment

  • The race organisers may at any time prohibit any other item of equipment (other than essential cycling equipment) at their discretion and riders shall at all times comply with any such prohibition.
  • Headphones / earphones – are not allowed to be worn on course at any time. For safety reasons it is important that riders are fully aware of other competitors and instructions from course marshals.

Race Timing

  • No rider may carry more than 1 transponder at any time, and no rider may pass his/her transponder on to anyone else at any time throughout the event.
  • A rider’s race time commences when they cross the start line timing point.
  • Any rider who does not make the start time must report to the Race Director within 5 minutes of the start time to seek approval for a late start.
  • No rider is allowed to start late without approval. If no approval for a late start has been given, the rider will be considered a DNS (did not start), and will not receive a result.
  • The maximum stage time will not be adjusted for any rider who is permitted a late start and/or who started in a start zone with a later start time than his/her own.

Abandoning the Race

  • The race organisers may abandon any stage at any time, in their sole discretion, for safety concerns or any other reason which they consider appropriate.
  • Any rider who withdraws from the race before any officially abandonment or who does not reach the designated cut-off point for abandoning the event will be classified as a DNF (did not finish).

Traffic Regulations

  • Road Rules Apply – if at any time riders are on, or cross, a bitumen or gravel road it is important to remember that normal road rules apply unless directed otherwise by a traffic controller or member of the Queensland Police Service. Failure to do so may result in a penalty or disqualification
  • The race will not always have exclusive use of any public or private roads throughout the event.
  • All regular traffic regulations must be observed at all times during the race. (Australia we drive/ride on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the road!)
  • Instructions of marshals must be strictly adhered to.


  • There will be checkpoints during each race.
  • Riders that are not detected when passing the checkpoints may be disqualified.

Registration and Briefing

  • Race registration takes place at the venue, time and location indicated on the race website.
  • Riders must report to registration and bring a form of ID including a photograph on it, suggest passport or drivers license).
  • A pre-race briefing will take place at the time and place indicated on the race website.

Rider Support

  • Hydration and Nutrition – there will be at last one feed station on each stage however all riders should carry sufficient fluids and nutrition with them.
  • No outside assistance is permitted under any circumstances including physical assistance by any person other than a fellow competitor or any accredited check point staff.
  • Drafting is allowed between riders.
  • No other form of drafting is permitted whatsoever, including but not limited to drafting behind private vehicles, motor cycles, trucks and official race vehicles.
  • Specific escort vehicles not provided by the race organisers are not permitted to follow the race route. However, supporters may drive their own vehicles along public roads to reach pre- designated viewing points to vocally support riders.
  • Some sections of the course may be closed to all non-event traffic – including some public roads. Their closure must be respected by all.
  • No rider and/or team supporter may access any restricted and/or prohibited area in the race village.

Medical and Mechanical Assistance

  • Medical assistance will be available by the race organisers at the event base.
  • Riders who have a known pre-existing medical condition, such as asthma, are required to carry their own medication for the duration of the event. All competitors are encouraged to carry a basic first aid kit with them.
  • Mechanical assistance will be available at the event village and riders will be required to pay for spare parts.


  • If at any time a competitor needs to withdraw from the event whilst on course please ensure that you communicate this with an event official at one of the check points along the route. Checkpoints will be located approximately every 5km.
  • Riders that choose not to start on any day should inform the race office.
  • Should any rider or team fail to inform the race office of his/her/its withdrawal, and should a search and rescue operation be initiated for such rider, the cost of the search and rescue will be for the account of that rider.

Environmental and Ethical

  • Riders must respect the environment at all times, absolutely no littering or damage to the environment will be tolerated. This will result in time penalties and may result in disqualification and removal from the race.


  • All protests must be submitted in writing, on the official protest sheets provided in the race office, to the Race Director after the rider has crossed the finish line, within the allocated time period set out below.
  • Race protests must be submitted within 2 hours of the rider crossing the finish line.
  • Result protests must be submitted within 2 hours of posting of preliminary results for the relevant stage.