A combination of fire trails, bush tracks, single trail and beach including sections on private property which have never been ridden before and are “tweaked” each year to provide a unique riding experience traversing through cattle country before dropping down into lush rainforest and finally a spin along the beach.

The last sandy stretch will live long in your memory … if your mind hasn’t already wandered to the frothy ale awaiting you at the finish line. 

The 2022 Triple-R courses are below 

2022 Course Overview

RRR 19 map2

Reef to Reef and Triple-R courses can only be ridden in their full format at event time. Locals hero’s open up their gates and allow access to their private land for the R2R riders as the event benefits the community in so many ways. Please respect private property and make sure we are able to continue accessing these tracks by not pre-riding the course.