Stage 2 Serves Up Smiles in Davies Creek

10 August 2018

Stage two of Reef to Reef provided 50km of great riding around Davies Creek, with the fast, flowing and loose trails providing their own unique brand of fun, with a touch of drama.

Leaders in the general classification GIANT Shimano Team members Brendan Johnston and Jon Odams seem to be getting better with every kilometre that passes, extending their lead with an almost flawless display of pairs riding.

“It was a great stage and I really enjoyed it, just how different it was to yesterday,” Brendan said. “The contrast is like chalk and cheese and that is the great thing about this race, one minute rainforest, next bush and we will end up on the beach in a couple of days.”

“We are having a great time. This stage is very loose, big rocks, lots of pea gravel and there were three or four river crossings we were wading through. It was awesome and pretty scenic and we had fun on the old school single track. Jon and I rode really well together, really smooth, tempo climbs and I followed him on the descents and learned a bit as well. So I am going to improve over the four days. We are just looking forward to what Reef to Reef offers up in the next two stages.”

Jon Odams said it was wonderful to see the team work and blending of skills and experience paying real dividends on the clock.

“My speed on the descents just comes from experience and riding a long time and I do really enjoy it. I think I can read a trail really quick if I haven’t been down it before which certainly helps. It is nice to have that advantage here.”

“We are really learning to ride to each other’s strengths and hold a really constant pace which is very effective in building some big leads,” he said.

Kiwi Samara Sheppard retained the yellow jersey for ‘Sam & Co’ in the mixed teams, with locals Nathan Sandford and Sarah White still holding down the number one spots in the solo competition.

“I had a shock yesterday and didn’t expect to ride so well,” Nathan said. “So I knew that Jeff (Rubach) and Ben (Iles) would probably try and pull something out of the bag so I rode with them early to see what they had. I was feeling good so I just jumped off the front and rolled with it for the rest of the morning. I was expecting them to come back at me so I pushed and pushed and it worked out well. Even being a local there were times out there were I had no idea where I was. There is a lot of private property stuff over the back there that you normally don’t get to ride but I knew the last section and put the hammer down.”

Birthday boy Rohin Adams of the leading Masters team Total Rush and Mornington Cycles celebrated his special day in pain but he has promised to bounce back in stage three determined to pull back some time in the GC leaderboard. Melbourne based pair raced Cape Epic so they have a lot of experience in hurting each other.

“Cape Epic was a great event, we came third in Masters and 30th overall which was a stand out result for us. We are not as fit as we were then but we certainly know how to work together. The thing about teams is you have to stick to your team mate. If they are having a good day and you are having an off day, you are in for an even worse day. Today he was a nail gun and I was a belt of nails being hammered.”

“It wasn’t a bad way to spend my birthday, riding bikes with a bunch of mates was awesome. It was really pretty out there and the last ten km of single track was absolutely stunning. Just a really nice stage with a couple of river crossings to cool the legs. No matter how you are struggling remember the worst day on a MTB is better than the best day in the office.,” he said.

The lead Women’s Team ‘Fox and Racoon’ better known as Briony Mattocks and Anna Beck are still in leaders Pink after day they would rather forget, with Briony’s day of mechanical issues doing its best to sabotage their efforts.

“We didn’t have the best of luck out there. I dropped a chain once, got a massive stick in the rear wheel which bent the derailleur which took a bit of time to fix. Then for some reason my pedal has detached itself from the crank about three km from the finish so I had to pedal with the one leg. I was lucky that it opened up at the finish and Anna was able to give me a push down the home straight.”

“I am really enjoying it. It is nice riding up and here and a great atmosphere, good event and although we got a bit of a lead yesterday we are not resting on our laurels and will be going out and emptying the tank every day having a crack at the mixed pairs and the masters men as well,” she said.

Team GC


Pos      Cat      Name                                                  Time                Stage 1              Stage 2

1          Men     Brendan JOHNSTON (100-1)                3:08:54            00:59:40            02:09:14                     

2          Men     Jon ODAMS (100-2)                            3:08:55            00:59:40            02:09:14                     

3          Masters           Brad CLARKE (144-2)              3:17:42             01:03:14            02:14:27                     


Pos      Cat      Name                                                  Time                Stage 1               Stage 2         

1          Mixed  Samara SHEPPARD (143-1)                  3:33:08            01:05:32            02:27:36                     

2          Mixed  Jessica SIMPSON (113-1)                     3:48:05            01:14:46            02:33:18                     

3          Women            Anna BECK (109-2)                 3:53:04            01:14:22            02:38:41         


Solo GC


Pos      Cat      Name                                                Time                Stage 1             Stage 2           

1          Open   Nathan SANDFORD (2128)                 3:14:55            01:02:53          02:12:01                       

2          Open   Jeff RUBACH (2127)                          3:19:55            01:05:33          02:14:21                       

3          Open   Ben ILES (2112)                               3:24:30            01:05:55          02:18:34                       


Pos      Cat      Name                                                Time                Stage 1             Stage 2           

1          Open   Sarah WHITE (2145)                          3:52:17           01:13:07           02:39:09                       

2          Open   Teresa NOBLE (2142)                         4:08:15           01:20:14           02:48:01                       

3          Masters 1 Sam STEVENS (2207)                    4:38:28           01:33:05           03:05:22